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Historical Wolf House East Austin

This 19th-century mansion is named in honor of Charles Wolf, a German immigrant who worked on the mule trains at the Texas-Mexico border. He came to Austin in 1866 and started his own mule train, becoming a successful merchant in the growing city.

Wolf House Queen Anne Style Master Carpentry

Construction of the Wolf House began in 1898 on what was then called First Street. 95 years later, this street became known as East Cesar Chavez. Wolf’s empire included a sizable estate, which was passed onto his family after his death in 1913.

Throughout the decades, the Wolf House Estate remained a private residence of Wolf’s descendants. In 1974, ownership was passed to Jack Canson, who saved the main house from being demolished. In 2005, Dan Roberts, a prominent Austin attorney, purchased the property for his law practice.

The hallmark of Wolf House is the Queen-Anne style master-carpentry throughout. The mansion’s floors and finishing have been maintained since the building’s construction in 1898.

Being a designated landmark, as dubbed by the Historical Landmark Commission, Wolf House is a protected estate. We hope it will remain a part of our city’s heritage for decades to come!