Chef Oscar Yip

Dinner Club Chef Private Dinners Austin Texas ATX

Leader of the in-house Wolf House Catering team, Oscar Yip got his culinary start right after medical school.

That did not go down too well with my parents. But in the end, they supported me. My dad made me find a job in a restaurant before applying to culinary school. He wanted to make sure I knew what I was in for.

After living abroad for some time, Oscar moved back to Austin and began cooking in the first kitchen he had a work-interview for: Parkside. He started out peeling garlic and, five years later, had the title of both manager and chef. He was taught by the respected Chef Shawn Cirkiel, known for his highly-demanding kitchen.

As the Banquet Chef at Parkside, Oscar was in charge of executing high-profile private events, both on and off-site. Special occasions have led him to private-jet out of the country to cook for prominent companies, brands, NGO’s, and non-profits.

Oscar hopes to continue climbing up the culinary ranks as he dedicates himself to the culinary team at Wolf House.